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Change is Happening Over 250 submissions received from 32 states and 10 countries. $1,000,000 Lee School Prize Fueling hospitality, travel, sports and entertainment innovation Best Practices and Technologies Building a bridge between innovators, investors and the community

The time to lead is now.

The Lee Business School at UNLV has created a worldwide $1,000,000 Lee School Prize for Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the goal of discovering and funding innovative technologies and solutions that make the food & beverage, hospitality, casino, sports & entertainment, and travel industries a safe place for employees and guests in the post-pandemic world.

Hear from the winners


The hospitality, travel, sports and entertainment industries, which boasts in excess of 330M jobs worldwide, must become safer for both guests and employees.


Together the Ted and Doris Lee Family Foundation, the Lee Business School at UNLV, and each and every one of us can effect change.


As the worldwide entertainment leader, the Las Vegas community is uniquely poised to lead the way forward for the industry.


Entrepreneurs must rapidly address the new challenges facing the hospitality industry in the post-pandemic world.


We must respond urgently to build the bridge between our present moment and longer term medical advancements to allow us to safely return to doing the things that we love sooner.


When the time is right, our employees must be comfortable returning to work and guests must be confident that it is safe and desirable to travel again, dine again, stay again, and play again.


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FACT Hospitality and Tourism provides 330M jobs and an economic impact of $8.9 trillion dollars worldwide. FACT American workers directly employed by the travel industry earned almost $275B in 2019. FACT Gross Revenue of live music tours in 2019, were $5.55 billion. FACT In 2019, travelers in the US spent an average of $3.1 billion a day, $128.6 million an hour, $2.1 million a minute and $35,700 a second. FACT The Global Sports Market Value was $488.5 billion in 2018,